In a world full of chemicals, pollution & impurity
"Orgo herb" is a natural skin/body & haircare brand. We formulate
hand blended products with all organic herbs and cold-pressed oils to keep you
away from harsh chemicals.

Our products are away from parabens, sulphate and harsh
chemicals wherever it comes possible.

"We believe in nature" for everything to heal...
from the core of beauty to the health concerns nature has tremendous potential
to heal, beautify and grow.

Going back to world where natural and homemade remedies were
much applicable to sort out skin beauty & health concerns.

"We ensure quality, formulation and commitment. "

All of our products are tried and tested through various
formulations to end up with the best.

Testing on a small group of people to make it more reliable
for different types of skin. (Patch test is still recommended)

You are absolutely on the right place to buy Products made
with purity, commitment and love.  But
the more precious fact is on every product you are donating a fixed percentage
to the needy people around you. Yes, you heard it right, beside giving you the
natural beauty another aim of "orgo herb" is to make some profit for
those in need, the families who are unable to meet their basic human needs.
Buying any product will lead you to earn a sadqa-e-jariya for helping someone
in need.



We try to tell you the truth about what ingredients are in
our products, and what they can do for your skin & Hair. We believe it’s
your right to know what products you are putting on your skin. We don't make up
extraordinary claims to impress you, rather we let you do it for us after using
our products.

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Our story

The Orgo herb skincare movement started from a personal yearning to find something better, something tender, and something natural for the skin. In a world full of all kinds of skin and hair care products, its hard to find something that comes from a place of love and nourishment. Day after day we put tons of harsh chemicals on our skin and hair that do more harm than good in the long-term.

A few years ago, I made a promise to myself to find all natural and sustainable alternatives to skin and hair care, and treat myself better and with much more gentility. Having found what works for me and all the natural ingredients that did me good, I wanted to share the many secrets found in nature with the rest of the world.

I started a journey of doing meticulous research about the naturally sourced ingredients and how each ingredient could benefit every skin and hair type; and Orgo herb, is just a manifestation of all the wonderful knowledge I have personally gathered.

Naturally Sourced

Organic Wonders for your skin with a positive impact on environment.


Sustainability & Purity

Orgo herb skincare is such a delightful experience to play
with nature....

Natural and organic ingredients have such mild and
mesmerizing scents and textures which you will adore, we let your skin to
breath in nature.

We use freshly cold-pressed oils to un-refined butters and
clays, continuing our journey to dive in the forest of herbs & never get


Every one of us is concerned about the ingredients used in
our commercial skincare products. As the revolution of organic skincare has
emerged so broadly that everyone of us is well known what we have to put on our
skin and what to not.


Choosing an organic skincare brand will let you out form
this stress. Every ingredient you will read on our ingredient list will make
you bloom to know that it's all natural and amazingly beneficial for your skin.

The feeling that your product is out of any harsh chemical
is the best satisfactory feeling ever.

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our origin

With naturally sourced ingredients & research-backed process, Orgo Herb is found to enhance the glow of your skin and health of your hair.

Ultimate Skin Care Range

Every day, we apply layers and layers of makeup on our delicate skin, which often causes a breakout, roughness, itching and dry patches, and sometimes acne. So what’s the solution to this dilemma? Try organic products by Orgo, which enhance the glow of your skin and provide moisture to all layers underneath.